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Sir Issac Newton College of Engineering and Technology promotes various scholarship schemes to meritorious students in the education sector as well as to the socially and economically backward categories. Newly admitted students are exempted from paying tuition fee for the first year on the basis of their ranks in the respective Admission process. In the subsequent year(s), Students are rewarded for their sustained hard work and merit in the results declared by the University for the preceding year. This reward is given for the academic performance on a year- to- year basis. The scholarship wing of the college guides the students to procure the benefit of scholarship schemes like  SC/ST, BC/MBC , BC/MBC- Minority and Merit cum Means (MCM), Scholarship Scheme to Girl Child.

The details of procurement of scholarships in the last year are given below.

  • SC/ST Scholarship                      –  400 students availed
  • BC/ MCB  Scholarship                –  350 students availed
  • College(Trust) Scholarship         –   25 students availed

          This scholarship is given to the top three students in each branch from their 2nd year, subject to fulfilling other laid down criteria. 

Merit cum Means:
           Merit-cum-means scholarship is also offered every year to deserving students from their 2nd year.


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