Civil Engineering

      Civil Engineering is the mother of all branches of Engineering. The principal educational objective of our department is to provide the students with fundamental knowledge and the skills needed to resolve the problems related to construction and maintenance of infrastructure in harmony with the society and environment. Department of Civil Engineering was introduced in the academic year 2010-2011 with an intake of 60.The department has 09 qualified faculty members and 3 non teaching staff members. The department is equipped with fully established laboratories.The Association of Civil Engineers is regularly organizing seminars, guest lectures and industrial visits for the benefit of student community.The department encourages our students and also faculty members to participate in national and international workshops and conferences to update their skills in the latest areas through the full sponsorship of our management.


Job Opportunities

Successful Civil Engineering graduates are creative, numerate, good communicators and skilled at solving problems and delivering results. With these qualities, our graduates not only develop careers as high quality practicing engineers, but also they are sought after by top companies for their potential in management, finance, consulting and other senior professional positions.

Civil engineers are employed by federal, state, and local governments, as well as the private sectors and also by leading international agencies with attractive salary.